Artist Bio

A love of nature  and natural materials is nothing new to Debbie Mitri.  Since childhood she gravitated to love of animals and nature and often expressed her passion with sketches, watercolors and oil paintings.  She was and still is  inspired and intrigued with our incredible planet  and all the living things that decorate it that reflect a wise and thoughtful Creator.  

Debbie's career in automotive, aviation and commercial graphic design left an emptiness where a desire for creativity and passion could not be fulfilled except in small increments where an evocative cause created an opportunity to make something special for someone, or as a tribute for a special event.  

The joy and passion of the work, and level of appreciation from the receiver revealed a needed transformation from from her existing 20 year career of commercial art design to concentrating on her creative work by offering her mosaics, made from beautiful natural materials with endless themes, for others to enjoy.  Viewing creation, both the subject matter and the natural veneers, in such intense detail  through these many stages is just one of the joys  of this intricate work but her biggest feeling of delight  and reward is when she hands the final piece to the receiver  and sees their smile and reaction.

Debbie's work and collection has remained private over the years, however, numerous requests have prompted her to offer limited quantities of various pieces at