The passion and intrigue in every project in the studio is largely due to the fact that no two pieces are ever identical. The use of natural exotic materials results in each piece being exclusively unique in shimmer, hue, and character, to the extent that even if it was attempted to duplicate a piece, due to the nature of the materials used each piece always has a unique personality at the completion stage.

To create one of these mosaics, it starts with a captivating vision that requires viewing many images for a deeper understanding of the subject matter in order to portray as many details as possible before a sketched hand drawing is done.  Next, the process moves thru several more steps including selecting and eliminating what natural veneers and raw materials may or may not qualify to represent a part of the mosaic then carefully scrutinizing and locating the perfect natural patterns it holds.  Often the veneers are hand stained and sealed to be processed and hand finished with an encapsulating resin to freeze and preserve the finished piece.

The process is laborious and extremely intricate, to the extent that very few pieces are produced and offered, and mass production is not feasible or desired.

Although a lot of effort goes into the components of each theme, it seems that no matter how familiar you are with every detail and how much you attempt to visualize the end result throughout days of work, it is always a surprise and delight to see what the final product looks like, since it is not a picture being printed or reproduced but a mind concept that is only realized when completely assembled.  Time is needed to walk away from the project and revisit it hours and days later to appreciate what the newborn piece emerges as.