Do you have a second?

Life is measured by years, years are measured in days, days are measured in hours and hours in minutes that are made out of tiny seconds.

As years move along so quickly, why would any pay attention to a simple tiny second?  What could you possibly find in such a small increment of time?

An aviation contractor is re-assembling an aircraft on the edge of the airport property.  It is late in the day as he takes a break for a quick bite to eat before the sun sets.  Nearby, feathered friends take notice and circle the scene hoping for a handout.  It wasn’t long before he gives up his meal in exchange for the view that emerged out of nowhere – yet he realizes that this moment will evaporate just as quickly as it materialized and is consumed by the pages of passing time.  He reaches for his camera in hopes of capturing a living moment in a freeze frame to share and relive again later.

What could you possibly find in a tiny second?  LOOK BELOW.

Demi Art Studios is dedicated to recreating a moment that makes you smile, whether it is a person, a pet, or an object that you get to wake up to or walk by every day.  If it pleases your eye and heart and makes you smile, you will find that it is a worthwhile investment that never goes out of fashion or style.