What materials are used?

My aim is to utilize exotic natural wood veneers with specific characteristics to achieve uniqueness and personality with each design, although some designs benefit from additional accent components.  The final product and mounting backers that are not visible may contain synthetic components and hardware to protect the mosaic and make it feasible to hang for display.

Do you accept custom projects?

I would be glad to be involved in your special project whenever possible.   Factors that would determine this are mainly studio work capacity and theme.   However, as long as you are happy with the timeline when requesting your project, it will be put in the system and take priority as I complete prior projects.

How long does it take from start to completion?

Needless to say mosaics are complex from the starting point of a hand drawing, to staining and sealing materials, then selecting areas with the right characteristics to achieve a striking finished product.  The finishing process is hand done and frequently does not pass the curing and beveling process, and sometimes pieces need to be redone which causes delays.  Also the degree of difficulty and number of components makes every project different in duration.  Every effort is made to give an honest and accurate time-line at the initial consultation when your project is discussed.

How much does this cost?

Naturally every mosaic is different in size and complexity.   I would be glad to discuss what you have in mind and provide a free quote.  One recommendation is to look at the featured pieces in the gallery and use the listed prices as a guide.