Policies and Procedures

All art pieces featured are available on first come first serve basis and some may not be for sale as noted, but only serve as a display of designs and capabilities.   All available pieces come with the understanding that delivery time will vary based on studio capacity and projects in process.  also it is  very important to note that as indicated in composition section no two pieces are identical and they all have their own exclusive personality.


Custom orders and projects

Custom projects may be accepted depending on themes and time frame requirements and are done so on a very limited capacity.  Please inquire to discuss, if it is a special project I would love to be part of it if it is feasible. 


Project acceptance

The studio is a personal space where I love to spend time; it is my drive to produce special requests.  However, I find that even though the spirit and desire is there, at times the capacity fills up quickly, and I prefer to be realistic about meeting client requirements and expectations.  Although custom work is accepted, it does not mean necessarily that I offer that service on regular basis, therefore, commission work can be withdrawn at anytime without notice.  I also reserve the right to decline projects due to difficulty factors, unrealistic time frames or themes that I find objectionable to my personal faith and values.