Chapter 2

  • A young Ibis is injured and is in distress.  A nearby Samaritan gently picks it up and rushes it to the bird sanctuary for help.  Overwhelmed with its striking beauty, so much to look at that can not appreciated when this beautiful creature is in flight.  The Samaritan hands it over and hopes it would recover and be saved ...        moments later he departs.     Although the Samaritan is absorbed with anguish and disappointment, he leaves with a new appreciation of this miracle of life and beauty that no doubt touches the deepest part of the heart spiritually.  

    It was indeed a Juvenile Ibis that the Samaritan lovingly carried to get help, with striking multiple colors and plumes.  It became a mission for me to painstakingly search through a pile of raw veneers to find just the right natural shapes, grains and stains with a vision in mind.  A tribute for the bird that temporally flew among us and the Samaritan that carried it with his hands and will forever carry it in his heart.